About Us

Company Intro

LZ Investments is an innovative real estate investment company that helps busy professionals like you build passive income.

Our revolutionary investment concepts help you reduce risk and increase yield.

At LZ Investments, our mission is to make wealth building through real estate investing possible for everyone, regardless of your risk tolerance.

Our Story

LZ Investments was founded by seasoned real estate investors Juemin Luo and Yi Zhao.

They both got into the industry for the simple fact that they loved it. Initially, they were both helping family and friends invest their money for fun.

In 2016, Juemin and Yi met through a mutual friend. Their passion for real estate allowed them to create an instant bond. Eventually, they joined forces and LZ Investments was born.

Meet Our Team

What truly sets us apart from everyone else is our amazing people


Juemin Luo Investment concepts & data research

Having worked for Freddie Mac, Juemin has profound expertise in the areas of real estate pricing and trends.

He has a passion for developing innovative new investment concepts.

Juemin’s burning desire to build something impactful fueled him to start LZ Investments.


Yi Zhao Process development & team building

Yi’s real estate investment journey started when he house hacked his way to his first home in 2008.

A decade and countless projects later, he has become a seasoned real estate investor, with a special interest in house flipping.

His entrepreneurial spirit and love of real estate investing pushed him to start LZ Investments.


Joseph Kir Project management

Joseph started investing in real estate in 2010, when he purchased a property that he lived in as well as rent out.

Joseph’s detail oriented nature and caring personality allows him to be the perfect person to oversee our rehab projects.

Joseph is a key member of the LZ Investments team and is a big reason for our fast growth.


    Albert Kir Property management

    Albert joined LZ Investments in 2019, and contributes to the team’s effort in providing profitable earning for investors under the buy-and-hold investment strategy.

    With great organization skill and hands-on management style, Albert has a great impact on achieving the investment goals for our rental projects. Albert also look to explore different areas of real estate and has strong desire to help the team expand business in the real estate industry.