About Us

Company Intro

LZ Investments is an innovative real estate investment company that helps busy professionals like you build passive income.

Our revolutionary investment concepts help you reduce risk and increase yield.

At LZ Investments, our mission is to make wealth building through real estate investing possible for everyone, regardless of your risk tolerance.

Our Story

LZ Investments was founded by seasoned real estate investors Juemin Luo and Yi Zhao.

They both got into the industry for the simple fact that they loved it. Initially, they were both helping family and friends invest their money for fun.

In 2016, Juemin and Yi met through a mutual friend. Their passion for real estate allowed them to create an instant bond. Eventually, they joined forces and LZ Investments was born.

Meet Our Team

What truly sets us apart from everyone else is our amazing people


Juemin Luo Managing Partner and co-founder

He manages marketing, financial reporting, investor relations and investment analysis. He helped accumulate more than 200 private inventors from China and the United States to fund our projects.

Prior, Jay worked as a data scientist at Freddie Mac, specializing in house pricing modeling and market trend research. The statistical model Jay built was selected into Freddie Mac Loan Product Advisor, which helps homeowners quickly access funds for their mortgage.

Formerly, Jay earned a statistical master degree from University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Also, he worked as research associate in Harvard Business School in the Wall Street Talent project.


Yi Zhao Managing Partner and co-founder

He oversees the direction of the company, system development, and property renovation and management. Yi has led the team to successfully complete over 50 Fix & Flip projects and hold more than 30 rental residential properties.

Prior, Yi was as a software engineer for some of the top tech companies in the Washington DC area. He held a top-secret security clearance and worked on projects with organizations like NASA, DoD, and Navy.

Formerly, Yi graduated with a bachelor and master degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Maryland.


Grace Xu Business Development and Investor Relations

She pursues strategic opportunities for business development, develops communication strategies to build partnerships, and¬†helped acquire investors. Eileen has been an intricate part of the company’s growth.

Prior, Eileen was an investigator at UT Southwestern Medical Center, top tour operator and conference organizer. She also has experience managing supermarkets, restaurants and rental properties.

Formerly, Eileen graduated with bachelor and doctoral degrees from Peking University and University of Minnesota.


    Joyce He Executive Assistant and Property Manager

    She oversees the day-to-day operations of the business, and manages the real estate portfolio including leasing, maintenance, tenant relations, and new client acquisition.

    Prior, Joyce was an excellent operation manager in the travel industry. She joined the team in 2022 with over 8 years of customer service experience. She finds great passion in helping people find the right place to call home.

    Formerly, Joyce graduated with a bachelor degree in Education from South China Normal University.