Real estate investing that is

Why Invest With Us?

Portfolio Diversification

We allow you to invest in portions of a project across a variety of different types of projects, which enables you to build a diverse real estate portfolio on almost any kind of budget.

Unbeatable Returns

We believe sharing the wealth is the only way to build an amazing company, which is why we are confident that we offer the highest returns in the industry (7%-20%).

Personalized Strategy

We provide multiple investment options, from reliable monthly returns to riskier but higher-yielding returns. Whatever your investment goals are, we can help you choose a strategy that’s right for you.

Expertise and Experience

Our knowledge and experience complimented by the relationships we have built in the industry allows us to ensure each project is a success.

Hands Free

Investing with us requires absolutely no time on your part. After deciding on an investment strategy, we will help you execute it, with the goal of managing the risk and maximizing your profit.

Fully Transparent

We go out of our way to ensure you are kept up to date with what’s happening with your investments. We do so by publishing weekly newsletters, documenting progress of projects, and keeping detailed balance sheets.

“The LZ team were great! They helped us build an investment strategy that we were comfortable with. Then, they went out and delivered on the first project we invested in! We’ll definitely continue to work with them in the future.”

– Haimo & Tiff

How it Works

We offer a long term investment option and a short term investment option. They are both completely passive and low to no risk.